Thursday, October 6, 2011

So Whats Up With The Journal

I would like to share a thought I had:
Lately I have been constantly asked again and again the basic question "when is the journal going to be ready?" or like this "you said that the journal will be ready by now, where is it?", well after much thinking about i thought about and finally realized what this whole thing that Chazz koch's in about this that its written רבות מחשבות בלב  איש וכוl and that is that not always what you want happens and G-d has other plans. That is exactly what happened every time I thought the journal was going to be ready something came up and it wasn't ready, however I must say that when you see the journal you will know that this whole wait for the Egp journal was worth it.
Signing off,
The Anonymous

p.s. the journal is actually being printed as we speak and Iy"h you should get any day now.

p.s.s. i decided that the first page is getting boring to use again and again so i decided to add another page to keep you busy.

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  1. ah ma rabu masecho hashem (another line used by chazz)