Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What a day - Monday, Tes Zayin Tamuz

It began all regular and normal with Chassidus (we had a General Shiur, cuz the night before we went to sleep later than usual due to the fact that we had a sports league game as a late night!) and Davening with great Geshmack.
After Davening, Rabbi Chaim Yisroel Wilhelm announced, that being that we have a Rov here in camp (Rabbi Broun Shlita came with his family to camp for Shabbos) it would be a waste not to utilize the opportunity to ask any questions we have.
So for learning classes, we had a special "Ask the Rabbi" session, where all the boys had a chance to sake questions in Halacha, such as "What are the Halachos of Tznius for men?" and "What is the Beracha on Granola Bars?" or "why must we wear a hat a jacket?" and "what's wrong with cotton tzitzis?". All these plus many, many more were answered very clearly to the Bochurim, who really enjoyed every minute of the Shiur.
After lunch and Mincha, we boarded the buses for what Dovber called "an outing". It was really more than just an outing, we went to the Fort Delaware County Museum, where we saw how hard people worked in the "olden days". We watched them spin wool, weave clothing, make candles, shape metal (we won't mention publicly what they made for Dovber), and even saw them shoot a real canon! It was very cool, and the pictures will speak for themselves!
But the day wasn't yet complete!
After arriving back in camp, we had swimming, and we entered the Zal for "A special Shechita workshop". The boys were divided into groups, with a few staff in each group. They stood around a ches and the Shoichet explained the procedure.
Now instead of just watching the Shoichet run the show and then leave, each group got their own chicken (!) and the Shoichet came over and Sheted it for them, and they had the hands-on experience of opening the kitchen, removing the insides, cutting it up etc.
the bochurim all had a blast, and it was really fun and educational.
After the workshop, the Bochurim headed for supper (yes - it was chicken!) and came back to Zal for Seder Chitas and Maariv. But beforehand, we did melicha, making sure the chiencs were all Kosher.
Now comes the best part!
After lights out, each bunk was awoken by the staff for a special BBQ late-night. on the menu: chicken shish-kabab's from the chicken they prepared! It was Delicious, and a great preparation for the fast.
All in all, it was one big crazy day in EGP - which is normal, cuz every day here is crazy.

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